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We are here to help!

If you have inherited property and have challenges...
We're here to help!

What We Do

Our probate team of local professionals has a single focus of providing families with value services and resources during transitioning life events. Our unique set of skills help families face the challenge of estate disposition. 

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Certified Probate Experts (CPE)

by Advanced Training Institute

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Here is what we do. Once we consult with you to assess your needs, we will create an action plan to:


Consult with family members and heirs to help achieve consensus as needed


Secure the property, important papers & personal valuables


Arrange an estate liquidator (Auction or Estate Sale) to appraise and/or sell the personal property


Arrange repair bids (to assure buyer finance underwriting and higher value


Coordinate the clean out of the property and donate remaining personal property to charities


Provide an accurate court valuation or appraisement with recommendations to maximize Estate contribution

Prepare a program to reduce the "Time on the Market" (set expectations)

Market and sell the residence, commercial property or business at retail value

Obtain an "as-is" offer from our network of cash buyers/investors for expeditious sale

Save time in the settling of the estate